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Flight Over Sea 2.5 is a screensaver that displays scenes of flights over the ocean.
While you aren't working on your computer, this screensaver will show you the view that you will get from the cockpit of an airplane flying over the sea on a sunny day. This is achieved with a realistic 3D animation that shows the waves, the clouds and the horizon. If you want, you can enable the screensaver to play a relaxing music. Once installed the program, you will be able to configure it through Window´s Display Properties. You will be able to set the settings controlled by Windows (wait time and welcome screen) and the screensaver´s specific settings, through the "Settings" button. In this menu you can configure the screensavers´ resolution. You can also set the width of the screen and choose if you want to exit the screensaver when moving the mouse. It´s also possible to indicate if you want the built-in music to be played during the screensavers´ execution, and the volume it will have when played. After pressing the "OK" button, the screensaver will be fully configured and it will be launched in the lapse you´ve fixed. This free screensaver will display a Rixane Screensaver´s logo on the lower right end of the screen, and a link to Rixane´s website.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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